Going nowhere

“Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow”
T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men

Going nowhere

The day I chose Brexit as the topic for my blog I thought I was in for a proper treat: news in abundance, international diplomacy at its best, European history changing rapidly in front of our very eyes. Just the thought of what it was to come was enough to get my fingers tickling with excitement in front of my computer. Oh my good Lord, I was ever so wrong. Nothing, nothing at all has really happened since the Brexit referendum more than two years ago. I really mean it. Are we any further in the negotiations that we were at the beginning? Nope. Do you have any hope that a Eureka moment is about to happen and all of the sudden the magic new relationship with the EU will reveal its face? I don’t. Does Theresa May need to buy more time in order to get a deal? We could be looking at an eternity full of negotiations and we will still be at the same point we are at now. It isn’t time what we need but a deep and profound analysis of the real reasons behind Brexit and an even deeper understanding of the underlining problems in British society.

It is bluntly obvious that the general public were restless, tired and disconnected from a democratic system that did not seem to listen to their day to day concerns. A perfect breeding ground, ready to be exploited by populism and cheap politicians desperate to appeal to their guts with a so called romantic notion of a lost national identity. The likes of Farage or Boris are not really politicians but soul agitators. Agitators of the wrong kind. Their sentimentalism was based on a bunch of altered truths and sneaky lies. Therefor a good deal for Brexit is impossible to find. It was voted not out of logic but out of a battered heart. Rationality will be of no use here so the only way to finish this nightmare is either to jump off this cliff and see what happens or stay in and carry on with business as usual. Whatever the outcome, it’s pretty obvious that we all are going to lose. The cracks in the British society have been aggravated by its politicians. Their sad theatrics for the last two years are a clear sign that they do not represent anyone but themselves. I do not mean all of them, of course, I am sure there are plenty of honest public servants doing wonders for their communities but the big names back at Westminster only think of themselves and their petty struggle to hold onto power. The same applies to the EU, but in the Brexit case only it is fair to say that while Ms May is more worried about the bickering in her own party, the EU leaders have been defending in a surprisingly united front for the four pillars of a union that lives to fight another day despite its enormous list of flaws.

I seriously doubt we are going to reach a deal in any length of time frame. The pessimism is growing across the EU and the preparations for an extra hard kind of Brexit are in place. There will be chaos. It is no scaremongering, it is common sense. Nobody is ready because no one has ventured to that side of the cliff before. So what next? For me the only solution is to take back the final decision to the public. Surely with the amount of information we have now we are more than capable of deciding what kind of country we want for ourselves and for our kids. Did I just say we? I meant you. I am ever so sorry. I can’t vote on that one. Shame. Onwards and upwards, at least the EU citizens living in the United Kingdom, like me, know that now that a mere £65 minus a few rights, will guarantee us our right to stay. Another lie by the way. It was promised it wouldn’t cost a thing and that our status will remain the same. Oh well. Thomas A. Edison once said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. I bet Theresa May feels the same. Hasta la próxima amigos.

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