Wake up! Wake up!

‘We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.’
William Shakespeare. The Tempest

Wake up! Wake up!

I slightly regret the day I chose to open a blog about Brexit. Not because I am not interested in the issue anymore, but because the severe headache the matter seems to inflict on me every time I think about it. As the wonderful bear in the picture I picked today, I do indeed go to sleep for a while, looking for some comfort and safety away from all this incongruent jabbering the politicians in charge seem to make. Their incompetence and childish way to approach to Brexit makes me want to sleep through this cold winter and wake up when the deal is done. Unfortunately, the bland January has gone and Brexit is up and running again with negotiations about to restart. About time if I must say. You did vote to leave the EU quite a while ago now and progress is non-existent. Alright, they did agree on some basics including the citizen’s rights issue but even that can be easily undone if the UK walk out with no deal. I do not feel completely safe, not as yet.

Anyway, phase 2 of the negotiations are about to start. I am not sure if is the best time to re start the negotiations though. It seems at the moment that Theresa May is barely coping to keep her own party afloat over Brexit. In the background you can clearly hear all the voices in favour of a second referendum getting louder and louder. In all fairness, we should stop blaming Theresa for the mess we are in. I cannot name anyone capable of finding a Brexit that pleases everyone in a country with divided political parties, divided parliament and most worryingly a truly divided nation. It is not just that she is not capable but the task is quite truly impossible. This is why she will stay on as PM. No one fancies that impossible role, in full knowledge that no political career will survive the Brexit impact. Ms May has been trying to juggle all sort of Brexit advocates and console the remainers with a dream of a country completely out of the EU but with the possibility of a deal that will keep you as close to Europe as you are now. Logic tells you never try to please everyone because you will fail. I am convinced that Westminster is looking for the wrong kind of compromise. In a way I do not agree with a compromise with the vision the government has for the country. If Brexit is Brexit and that is what you believe, do not compromise in your ambitions. The only compromise needed is to let us have a final say on the deal. A referendum for all, including the EU citizens living in this country and the brits living in the EU for over 15 years who happily are able to vote in the local elections but were denied the voice in a referendum that so clearly affected their lives directly. There you go. That is a compromise. A real one. A democratic right.

Mr Barnier attended a meeting in Downing Street with Ms May and Mr David on Monday. He was informed the UK won’t be involve in any custom union with the EU. As far as my understanding reaches the EU customs union is “a single trading area where all goods (only goods) circulate freely, whether made in the EU or imported from outside”. Basically if goods enter the EU from another country, duty or checks only happen when they first come into the bloc. Instead of the union, which works faultlessly at the moment, the Brexit plan is some sort of partnership currently still being debated and planned in the Brexit commission. It sure pleases the hard core Brexiteers, but they need to remember the promise made to Ireland and Northern Ireland that no borders will be in place after leaving the EU. I commend David Davis for his optimism but Michael Barnier was very clear about the implications of the announcement “The only thing I can say – without the customs union, outside the single market – barriers to trade and goods and services are unavoidable. The time has come to make a choice.” It was just a short meeting but already both sides seems to be miles apart. Transition period? I would not dare to think that far. This has not even begun. Hasta la próxima amigos.

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