With a little bit of imagination

“If it is not right, do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

With a little bit of imagination

If you are a Jeremy Corbyn supporter today the future surely looks a lot brighter. At the Labour party conference, he has just given his best speech to date and throughout the speech, his promises and vision for the country managed to come across as a confident PM in waiting. I am not a Corbynista. As much as I agree with his genuine visions of a fairer society, it is not enough for me to hand him my support. Strange times, an old-time socialist as myself incapable of sympathising with the one politician capable of reviving 1970’s economical ideas. Have a guess why I can’t force myself to trust him. Yes, you guessed it, Brexit. I would not mind if he was just a euro sceptic. Considering his beliefs it does not come as a surprise that his political DNA is against what the EU stands for in terms of a political mega state. I get that. I do not think many EU citizens, including me, will be happy if the EU keeps growing in power, to the detriment of its nations. Currently, the leader of the Labour Party is denying a proper debate about Brexit between his own colleagues. It is outrageous and reminds me of times when old good socialism turned nasty. I am sure it serves its own purpose to show a unified party on the Brexit issue against the messy and divided Tories. Who do you think they are fooling though? Just because you won’t argue about it doesn’t mean you are all on an agreement. Nobody is in the whole country for goodness’s sake! A debate was needed. Corbyn’s collaborators are very quick to call themselves the ‘government in waiting’ while they watch Ms May get weaker and weaker, but if they think they will win over new voters by eluding a free debate on the one issue that is going to shape this country in the decades to come, they are more foolish and deluded than I thought.

Less deluded sounded Ms May last Friday during her speech in Florence. It did not say much we hadn’t heard before but sounded more flexible and friendly. A better tone and attitude was needed now that the Government is officially asking for a transition period. Hopefully it will help unblock the 4th round of negotiations with the EU. I feel more optimistic about the situation of all the EU citizens. I did listen to the whole speech and Ms May did say she wanted our status to remain THE SAME. Call me naïve but I am expecting an agreement on the citizens’ rights will be finally agreed this week. I positively cannot think of any reason why this end of living in limbo won’t happen but still the little cynical part of my brain is laughing at me for celebrating already the end of the nightmare. We will see. Ms May asked for creativity and imagination to build a new relationship with the EU. I ask for more realism and actions. For all who are still waiting in despair asking for creativity is a very poor joke and not very tactful.

This week though my country is in my mind all the time. I cannot leave you without talking about the critical and worrying situation we are in. The illegal Catalan Independence referendum is due to happen on Sunday. The coverage from the BBC and the rest of the UK media has been poor or non-existent and many of you have being asking me about the subject. I have written an article in the press about it https://www.thepeoplesnewsonline.co.uk/single-post/2017/09/21/Catalonian-Independence—Politics-in-capital-letters. I have seen people outraged by the Spanish Government denying the right to vote to the Catalans. Solidarity with the catalatan nation! A well-known Guardian columnist wrote. I hope after you read it, you might get a better perspective before taking sides. The peace and the very essence of Spanish democracy is going to be challenged on Sunday by those who think they are not obliged to follow the rules. I stand with democracy and cannot do more than hope for a national debate on how we can sort this out. It is in the very essence of our parliamentarian systems to be able to exercise our freedom to agree and disagree. If only Corbyn remembered that.

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