Where the sun doesn’t shine


  1. Showing a readiness to give more of something, especially money, than is strictly necessary or expected.
  2. Showing kindness towards others.
  3. Larger or more plentiful than is usual or necessary.

Late 16th century: via Old French from Latin generosus ‘noble, magnanimous’, from genus, gener- ‘stock, race’. The original sense was ‘of noble birth’, hence ‘characteristic of noble birth, courageous, magnanimous, not mean’.

Oxford Dictionary

Where the sun doesn’t shine

If anyone else uses the sentence ‘you must be delighted as you can stay’ ever again I will literally explode. Ms May’s proposal for the EU citizens in the country after Brexit is an atrocity and in my mind it has fallen well short of the offer on the table for the UK citizens elsewhere in the EU, for whom the EU has a written promise guaranteeing their rights to remain exactly the same, including the freedom to live and work wherever they like across the union.  Why this reckless Government hasn’t offered us the same has kept me thinking all night, especially as Ms May and Mr Davis are using the word generous so freely. I looked the meaning of the abused word up. The 15 pages of the proposal are not screaming out we are generous. They are telling me instead your rights will be cut down. Yes Mr Davis, you are right. I am not going to become a second class citizen in this new United Kingdom after Brexit. Your proposal makes me 3rd class citizen. After the locals, and the Irish. As I said in the title of the post. You know where you can stick your plan.

I do not mind the idea of having a special ID with me. Lots of EU countries use ID. I always have in my wallet my Spanish one. When I learnt years ago you did not have them and that you were not keen on them either, I thought it was just one more of your eccentric traits. However, knowing that you do not want them and that they will be imposed on us to set us apart from the rest makes me terribly upset. It is not really tactful to say the least, is it? I am sure it cannot be that difficult to come up with a different strategy as we all already are European Union passports holders. An extra ID is not necessary. It makes us feel uncomfortable and I am sorry but it does brings back images of the past. All this at a time when you thought this government could not hurt this countries reputation anymore…

Another really sore issue is to be denied the right I have truly enjoyed of voting in local elections. To vote and to be voted for if I wanted to come into local politics. Why? Can I stop paying my taxes after you leave the EU then? The cheek of the proposal is outrageous. I can’t get involved in my local community anymore but I will keep paying all my taxes. I just have to do it quietly, very quietly, chuffed to bits to be given my own very special brand new identity card. I understand now when Theresa May announced she was working towards building a new special relationship with the EU and the world. I feel it, I am starting to feel very special already. Cheers Ms May.

I could go on for at least 15 pages, as long as this awfully written proposal is. Legally it has flaws everywhere you look. At the human level it is all a lie. The promise of us being treated the same as any other citizen is a fallacy. The mistrust in the Home Office is more than justified and after Brexit the European Court of Justice won’t be able to safeguard any of our rights. In this proposal nothing is said about our new conditions to be guaranteed for life, perpetually as the EU has promised. So after Brexit we are at the mercy of UK laws. The thing is all of these nonsense affects you all. I feel for you all. These are the people who are negotiating Brexit and the ones who are building the future of this country. You are not in safe hands. It is time to get them out of power before the run you to the ground. For our sake. For our kids’ sake. If there was a time to take on the streets it is now. “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” said Vladimir Lenin. This is the time to act.

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