The Weeping Lady

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere’s Fan

The Weeping Lady

We have an old saying in Spanish, la avaricia rompe el saco, (greed breaks the sack) meaning basically if you are too greedy you can end up with nothing. I wonder what is going through Ms May’s mind right now. A few months ago she was in control. She was the strong and stable leader who was about to guide us though the mist of Brexit to more prosperous shores. She enjoyed a weak opposition in her party and in parliament, for her that was not enough, she wanted more. More power, more silence. Well Ms May, I bet you thought a General Election was a brilliant idea back then, but seeing the results no wonder why greed is a capital sin. The daughter of a vicar should have known better. You’ve just won it but your leadership and project for the country has been irreversible wounded. You wanted a stronger mandate from the British voters to go ahead with your not very clear Brexit route. You haven’t achieved that, Ms May. The start of the negotiations with the EU is around the corner. Will you still be bloody difficult or will you start to really listen to everybody else?

On the other hand today we have a very pleased Corbyn. Can I remind everyone that he did not win the election? I can’t quite understand why there is so many happy voices coming from his supporters after coming second. I am afraid in politics the important thing is actually to win it, not just the taking part. Still I give credit to him when credit is due. He has managed single-handedly to steer labour back to the left and most importantly managed to get on board the next generation. I doubt he will ever get to be the PM but his services to the survival of the Labour party as a proper Labour party are priceless. One can only hope his voice will be louder now than ever in parliament. We are back to the old two party system and you feel that Labour’s chance to win the next General Election depends of how much scrutiny they inflect on May’s cabinet.

I am afraid there is not much time to dwell on the results. Europe is looking at you wondering what is next for a country immersed in so much change and uncertainty. May has been ridiculed in most of the international press. She is no Thatcher they say.  The wobbly lady one German paper headlined. I do not feel sorry for you, Ms May. At the end of the day your electoral campaign was flooded with mistakes. The dementia tax, your refusal to debate face to face, and the emptiness of your manifesto… it is actually quite something that you managed to remain in power… for now. As for me I do feel a little bit happier. With this result it’s not going to be a full steam ahead push for a Hard Brexit and that is wonderful news not only for me but for everyone. Compromises are going to have to be made and maybe from now on Ms May will understand that we are indeed stronger together. Soon enough the negotiations will begin and quite frankly I had have enough of this unnecessary election. Back to work now, please. Mistakes have been made since Cameron decided to do a Brexit referendum. This all started there and then (cheers David) but as the wonderful Francisco Quevedo wrote: “He who spends time regretting the past, loses the present and risks the future.” Have a good weekend. Hasta la semana que viene amigos.

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