The only thing left is Brexit

‘The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.’

Plato, The Republic

The only thing left is Brexit

I am sorry. It has been a week since my last post. It is unusual for me to be this quiet, particularly during elections, but I just did not know what to write about. What? You must be asking yourself, we are deciding the future of our country in a week’s time! I know, I do care even if I cannot vote. I watched Wednesday’s BBC debate. I have read the manifestos. I know who I would vote for if I was British but still nothing, my mind was blank, an empty notebook. So I gave up and baked a banana loaf instead. While I was pretending to be as good as Mary Berry a song came up on my IPod, ‘Heaven’s knows I am miserable now’, by The Smiths, Eureka. It was one lyric ‘in my life why do I smile at people who I’d much rather kick in the eye’ that made me realise as much as I care about this country, I am starting to be extremely fed up about not knowing what is next for me and the millions of EU citizens here and in Europe. All these promises about protecting our rights but nothing tangible to grab on to. Imagine it was you in our situation. You see? It is very hard to care and be objective when you have been left in the dark for almost a year.

Ms May was missing from the televised debate. I do not blame her. I have the funny feeling that her masterstroke of an earlier General Election is going to come back and haunt her. She might win but without the smashing support she was looking for. A yet again another miscalculation from a Tory leader. Cameron thought Brexit will never happened. May hoped she will get her absolute majority without even breaking a sweat. We thought the two party system was gone forever, but here we are in an old fashioned fight between the Tories and Labour, with the rest of the parties playing an extremely minor part in this play. Corbyn is getting closer because his promises are more in touch with people’s hope for their future. Ms May has been surprisingly clumsy articulating her proposals. She is supposed to be a reliable negotiator and a secure leader to guide us through Brexit but she has come across as a quite nervy and dubious leader. So it is no surprise that in her first intervention after her no show in the debate, her first port of call is Brexit. It is all she has left in her campaign. The only one with a clear immigration policy. The only one who cares about getting the best deal possible even if that means no deal at all. The only one who believes in Britain as a great nation. Is that really Theresa, all you have to offer? She is going to spend her last days of her campaign talking about Brexit but do not expect anything new or relevant just cheap literature about a brighter future without the EU. She will not convince anyone but her die hard Tory supporters and the prodigal sons who are back after a short romance with UKIP. Her fan base is there. It is Corbyn who is recovering his. If only he had more time…..

Anyway back to what concerns me. All of us EU migrant’s futures are literally in the hands of who you decide to vote for. May scares me as a no deal with the EU is really in the cards with her and no need to be genius to figure out what will happen with us then. Labour on the other hand did not support to amend Article 50 to protect our rights (I cannot forget that) but it is more likely to have a most diplomatic approach to negotiations. I do feel a tiny bit safer in their hands. Nevertheless, in the meantime people I know are starting to leave the country they have called home for years, unable to understand how they can be so mistreated. Some of us have experienced abuse and racism. Others just won’t tolerate being used in negotiations. A few do not feel as comfortable as before speaking their mother tongue on the streets because of the looks of disapproval. Almost everyone in the campaign has ignored the fact that to build a stronger and more free country, we all need to acknowledge the fact that all is not well for the ones from the EU who live here. We deserve fairer treatment. No more waiting for us, I beg. This post is dedicated to a new-born, Alba, Bristol born to a Spanish mum and an Italian dad. Also to my favourite Dutch girl and her English husband off to Honk Hong to start a new life away from Brexit. ‘Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming’ said my beloved David Bowie. All my love amigos. Hasta la proxima!

One thought on “The only thing left is Brexit

  1. My reply can’t have the quality of your articles! Keep the coming Andrea!! So many Europeans have added quality to day to day life in the U.K. Having influenced all that live there. Now these hard working people are at risk of being spat out by the society that so desperately need their skills reliance strength endurance and commitment to that same society. If these Europeans are “send back” does that been all British living in Europe need to return? Does the UK not realise that that wouldn’t mean a quality transfer but a deprivation of skills and cultural wealth?

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