The Only Master


“Every effect that one produces gives one an enemy. To be popular one must be a mediocrity.”


― From The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde


The Only Master


I do get it Ms May, you want Brexit to be a success. In all honesty we all do. At the end of the day it is your responsibility as Prime Minister to make it happen. However, my sympathy to your cause ends here. You are making a fundamental mistake thinking you have the tools and the power to come out of the EU without a scratch. No wonder the European commission president Juncker, is reported to have said you are on another galaxy. I do not like him much (his hand in making Luxemburg a fiscal paradise hasn’t being forgotten) but he was quite right if you still think UK can retain the best bits of the EU without being part of its institutions or legal foundations. It is great to show Europe you are strong leader or even a “bloody difficult” one, but back to this planet you might find that a softer approach will be needed in the negotiations. Both sides can shout and scream as loud as you want, when really you are all obliged to sit down and listen to each other. We are the ones who elect you and pay your wages to do so. What worries me more is not this childish playground talk but the denial of damage. At this point, I do not think making Brexit a success should be the priority. Firstly it is a matter of being able to control the damage that Brexit will undoubtedly do, and only once this is achieved then you can plan for success.


This General Election is going to give this government the time they need to prolong the negotiations. Ms May probably has given up hope of the 2 years estimated period ( as have I) and considering how badly negotiations have started I think she is right about giving herself more time. Ms May and herself. If Labour totally collapses when the results from these elections are in, there is not going to be much of an opposition left. She has already silenced the critics in her own party. She will have a bigger majority and still I do not honestly believe she is more than a mediocre politician. One who is desperate to win over the hard core voters, but who hasn’t got too much to say about the future of this country. The same applies to the EU side.  All as arrogant as each other. All forgetting that Brexit will affect us all. Around Europe and beyond. The future looks dangerous in their hands. Sorry about the pessimism but where have all the good politicians gone? Is this the kind we deserve? I know there is lots of politicians out there doing great things for the people who voted for them. I hate to put everyone in the same bag, but have a look around and see who is charge in the so called first world countries. Merkel, May, Rajoy, Trump, Le Pen or Macron, How did they make it to the top? Remember we are doing this to ourselves, we do give them our vote. We all need to assume our responsibilities. Voting wisely is the only way.


Historically the Brits were famous abroad because of their political diplomacy. They were notoriously calm when it came to negotiations. Maybe being an Empire gave them that coolness. You are not an Empire anymore. Neither that powerful. Spain was an Empire once. Only in 1898 we lost our last bit of land, Cuba. We cried for decades about the greatness that was lost and only when almost no one came to help us during our horrible Civil War we realised our place in the world was gone and we had become almost just a shadow of a country. We have now come to terms of who we are in the world. Our place in it. Knowledgeable of a fascinating history, not all good, not all bad. Good to read about but not to dwell on it. Sound familiar to you?  We are not that different after all. I leave you with a quote from the wonderful José Saramago from his book Blindness “I don’t think we did go blind, I think we are blind, blind but seeing, blind people who can see, but do not see.” Hasta la próxima amigos


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