No way to escape Brexit

“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

Philip K. Dick, Valis

No way to escape Brexit

Not even on holidays. I just cannot seem to be able to leave the turmoil of the UK behind. Who, I thought was going to bother me during my Spanish break about what is going on in the UK? Well actually I was wrong. Every single person I see just wants to know all about Brexit first hand. It is fascinating to see how much interest the subject arises within my friends and family. Regardless what everyone thinks around here about the EU there is a sentence that summarises exactly the general opinion: the British have gone mad. ¡Qué locos que están! They say. So here I am trying to make them understand a decision I do not agree with. I have come up with arguments so in line with Brexit that one could think I have been converted. Of course I have not, but I despise clichés and I truly suffer seeing how damaged your reputation is abroad. Considering that Brexit has made me feel very uncomfortable and sad, please do not mind me giving myself a pat on the back. Despite the pain it is causing me at the moment, I do still love home.

In this corner of Europe we have a very bad image of the mass tourism. I am sure most of you have seen how some behave when cheap beer and the scorching sun kicks in. I do not think you need me to tell you what the Spaniards make of it. Of course we take the money. Tourism is our biggest industry. However, we have learnt to ignore what we see from the misbehaving brits and because of them the belief that the UK is not such a civilized society after all keeps growing. It does hurts to say but Brexit has not helped at all to improve the cliché. I think in hard times all the nastiness and the ugliest gets promoted to the front of the papers. So all you can read abroad it is about the uncertainty with the EU citizen’s situations and the UKippers.  I know it is not fair but at the moment Trump, Brexit and Le Penn are always together in all the news. Alas, it does not look good, definitely not doing the majority any justice. Have you been abused? Someone asked me this morning. No not really I said. I lied. I did it only because I did not want the idiots to ruin it for all of you. I did not want to rub more salt in the wound. The worst thing is I have, on several occasions since the referendum. But I lied.

People here do not understand Brexit because they do not know what your Government wants. They see you as a powerful rich nation ready to gamble everything for the unknown. Only extremist or so called anti system parties around Europe want to leave the EU. Now you are now being associated with them. If into the mix you throw immigration, then you have a conclusion as scary and as sad as the UK has gone mad.  The oldest parliament, the beacon of democracy and progress reduced to being alone in a united Europe.  I met a young family on the plane. After years of going to the Costa del Sol they decided to try my region. Why?  Nowadays it is better sometimes not to be associated with the British holidaymakers they explained to me. We feel ashamed. It made me sad. The stereotype of red faced, half naked, trouble makers is not all you are, even if unfortunately, it is the image we all see in the seaside towns of my country.

While I was writing in my mind this post, I was in my old bedroom sorting out the books I want to pass on my children and I realised that all my favourites were your classics. My fascination for your country started at a very young age and it was because of Mark Twain and Roald Dahl and many others. I wish now that we were in the middle of the campaign. If someone included in their soon to be broken promises one that said “Restore the good name of this nation abroad”. I would have urged you to vote for it, because it is on a real low and you might need it in the future.  “Nothing like having a bucket of cold water flung over you to make you see things as they really are!” I read in the Famous Five Have a Mystery to Solve. What an appropriate way to end up my post from Spain.  Hasta la próxima amigos!

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