The Masterstroke

“Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


The Masterstroke


Well, well Theresa May. I must admit. I do take my hat off and salute you. You have left me speechless. I grew up with the juvenile idea than the right was sneaky and ruthless. At least in my country. With their Franco past and all their demons. You have proved to me today that nothing changes. That the right is right wherever I go.  That the Conservatives are a well-oiled machine with the tools and the knowledge to stay in power for as long as they want. With a bag full of old tricks to guarantee them a place in history with no resistance from anyone. Attack when the opposition is in bits. Touché Ms May.

First of all you did say that a General Election was not on the cards.  Lie, as simple as that. I have had enough of lies at the moment, the whole campaign from both sides was full of them.  The empty promises, the backstreet politics… enough. “Every vote will make me stronger in Brussels when negotiating with the EU”, she said this morning. What’s change? I thought Brexit means Brexit and all that. Not feeling that strong now that the EU seems quite united to embrace negotiations on their own terms? Personally, I do think this has nothing to do with leaving the EU. I do think the Government is thinking about getting an even stronger support for their Brexit route. I think Ms May knows the polls. She knows her party is well on the lead. With such a gap between them and Labour that it will be silly not to materialize it as soon as possible. Power. More power. To them of course, nothing to with the country they are meant to be serving and what is best for their citizens.

In of all the polls, the Conservatives are 20 points ahead of Labour. It hurts me to say but, I do not see Corbyn rallying the troops and getting his voters back.  I am not a fan, I know but I do really think he is not the right man. His politics might be noble and trustworthy if you lived a 100 years ago.  Plus He was the biggest disappointment during the Brexit referendum and Ms May knows he is not a worthy opponent. Who is next? Lib Dems? Well, they could do well, but if Tim Farron keeps trying to deny Brexit he is going nowhere too. UKIP? Who? Are they still in active? You see? If I, the immigrant can see that I am sure Theresa May could see it too. All of the sudden politics just look like a chess game again. No truth involved. Just their selfish interest. Of course I have not forgotten Nicola Sturgeon. She has been outplayed because Ms May will win this election and she will use the Scotland issue to reveal herself as the figure to keep the Kingdom united. Ms Sturgeon will end up with nothing.

Funny enough I was thinking about Turkey this morning. I want to go to the Cappadocia for our honeymoon and I was daydreaming about it. Only because of the scandal of the elections and Erdogan managing to get even more powers on his way to dictatorship, and with Trump congratulating him!! Anyway, I am not comparing both situations but a smashing victory for Ms May in the June elections is not good news for the country. Her vision of Brexit and the kind of nation you aim to be it is not shared by everybody.  However, if she wins by such a margin then only her voice will be heard. I hope this campaign doesn’t get reduced to Brexiters and non Brexiters screaming and lying to each other. Remember Brexit has already been decided. We are out. Now it is time to offer us a project for a United Kingdom after Brexit. Of course though I think I am asking too much.  I will leave you today with a quote from Edward R. Murrow, an American master of journalism who amongst many other achievements helped with his honesty and integrity to bring down Senator McCarthy “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” Hasta luego amigos.



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