The divorce


“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change ”


The divorce.

No coming back. That was my first thought yesterday morning. This is it. We are out.  We are getting divorce and the UK embarks on a journey of designing its new place in the world. Yesterday it was the day I became part of a negotiation. Day 1 of the EU without you. Day 1 of you without the EU. And all of the sudden, after a quick look at the grey sky, I felt deflated. I did not cry as I did the day of the referendum but there is no need to hide my discontent. I am sure the negotiations are going to be fun to cover but also muddy and complicated. I find the thought of 27 countries rising as just one voice quite the utopia. Plus there is really no map, no route, this is a first. First time in 60 years a member of the union is packing its bags and leaving. You are the first ship to sail away and I have the feeling there is going to be a lot of navigating thorough the foggiest of fog in the next 24 months.

One thing is clear. As in any other conventional divorce there are going to be two key issues. Kids and money.  The first one should not be a problem. Full guarantee to all the EU citizens in the UK and the same for all the UK citizens across the EU that their status is going to remain the same despite Brexit. I do not care how they do it but we should not be still part of the negotiations in the years to come. Kids suffer the most in separations. Let’s behave as adults about it seeing that both sides have openly admitted this is a priority. Or is it? Ms May words in her interview in the BBC were a tiny bit lukewarm, “seek for an agreement”… blame it on English not being my mother tongue but that did not make my heart jump with joy and hope. But if I am honest it is about time that the EU acts more on the matter instead of keep promising. Both sides are letting down their citizens. It does takes two to tango.

The second key issue is a very sore subject. Money. The UK’s final bill to the EU for previous agreements signed in the long term. The EU are still to give a final figure but the rumoured estimated is being rejected by London with some voices threatening with not paying at all. That is not going to be going down well with the 27. All divorces are messy, this is no exception but rule number one when you belong to any organisation is not to leave with your bills unpaid. Not if you fancy your chances of getting the best deal possible. Very much how we all resolve these two obstacles will define the final agreement in this divorce and the more amicable the divorce is, the best trade deal we’ll all get.

But as I am flicking through the pages of the main European newspapers I see already trouble ahead. EU will not start negotiations of a new trade deal after the divorce is signed, Ms May. I admire your efforts to stand firmly in what you believe is the best way to deliver the referendum command, but surely you must know diplomacy and threats are not really suited together. The subtle threat of using security as a bargaining chip was not a wise move. There are things that should not be used for your own gain and citizens and their security is one of them. I hope this is not the route you are taking, please. It will go nowhere. Likewise, nowhere to be seen is the opposition in this country. In the times when a strong scrutiny of the government is needed the most, the main opposition party have an old rock n roll leader who does not know where he left his voice. Keep up Mr Corbyn. You might get your own post in my blog soon.

I say goodbye now. Today I won’t finish off with a relevant quote but with a hilarious comment from a good old friend of mine Ms Hubert made last night. A blog about Brexit? Oh dear, she said, I voted to remain because my father died in the WWII and because my grandkids threatened to not come to visit if I did not do so. I’d rather stay in but as we are leaving I asked my husband to get off of his retirement sofa and start growing all sorts in our back garden. I won’t be paying a penny more for my veg when we are out. And she smiled sadly thinking perhaps about her dad and what the world has come to. I smiled back at her thinking I’d better get my back garden sorted too. Hasta luego amigos. Have a good weekend.


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