The Trigger

People only accept change when they are faced with necessity, and only recognise necessity when a crisis is upon them.

Jean Monnet

The Trigger

I tell you something Brexit has been good for me. After years of neglecting the writer in me here I am in front of the computer opening a blog about all things Brexit. I’ve found myself in an extremely difficult position. My European heart still hurts and probably will never mend but my loyalty to the country now I call home makes me stand up and find ways I can help to make this divorce work.

I am here to follow all the way up to Brexit and beyond. I intend to build bridges between the ins and outs but also I will write out loud my experience as a European Union citizen in the limbo. A limbo I did not ask to enter and a limbo I want to leave as soon as possible. Since that historical day of last June I have been more verbally abused than in the rest of my 13 years in this country. If those who did not want us managed to find their voices and said it out loud so I am now. You shall not win. Your numbers shall not grow because this country with all is greatness and its faults it is bigger than you. Its history is bigger than you and its people are better than you.

There are voices stirring up the shadows of a second referendum on Brexit. As much as it hurts me to say I won’t be supporting these voices. But I will protect as much as I can our freedom to say what we feel without being called sore loser. Take Lord Heseltine as an example. He was sacked for rebel. What a way to be fired at the age of 83! A few days later he spoke to the Spanish paper El Pais. His words made me sad. He said he was finally free to say what he really thought about Brexit. In a democracy as yours nobody should be silent. It is ok to feel European as much it is ok if you don’t feel that way. It so obvious but it feels as we should remind there is something as fundamental as freedom of speech.

Brexit is the trigger to have a long hard look at yourselves. All voices must be heard because I am afraid this country is divided enough. You can only go forward together but with no room for those who have used their win as a gun to point at immigrants.  That needs to be addressed. And pronto. As Brexit slowly approach I keep thinking about that inspiring but yet unrealistic speech Theresa May address to the country. Yes, the world is your oyster but I find Ms May optimism a wee old fashion and juvenile. Europe is at the end of the day right at your door step. We have centuries of blood baths and cultural embraces. No deal is better than a bad deal. Really? Surely we are all stronger together. The thing is politics have finally come back to the European Union. No thanks to their very proactive politicians (they are not) but because they are feeling the heat from the very dangerous wave of populism and Brexit. I have to thank Brexit for injecting new life into the European dream. It could have been great if you were to help from within.  Always such an important character in Europe. Do not leave in a huff just to win a few domestic votes. Never forget history will have the last verdict about your decision to leave and history always repeats itself. Hope you will join me in this new adventure trying to understand Brexit and what it really means for you and me. I will leave you for the time being with a quote from Noam Chomsky I love and suits perfectly the soul of this blog:  If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all. Thanks for reading. See you next time.

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